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ObjectDisposedException in SQLite for CF


First of all, I'm using the code compiled referencing the last version of System.Data.SQLite for CF ( which uses SQLite

When trying to get a valid connection from the pool, ObjectDisposedException happens while trying to evaluate the State of the connections in the pool. Solved with this workaround:
foreach (var c in m_connectionPool.ToArray())
                        try {
                            if (c.State != ConnectionState.Executing && c.State != ConnectionState.Fetching) {
                                connection = c;
                        catch (ObjectDisposedException) {
But then, on the next Insert I'm receiving this exception:

Type: ArgumentException
Message: Transaction is not associated with the command's connection
Stack: en System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteCommand.set_Transaction(SQLiteTransaction value)
en OpenNETCF.ORM.SQLiteDataStore.OnInsert(Object item, Boolean insertReferences)
en OpenNETCF.ORM.DataStore1.Insert(Object item, Boolean insertReferences, Boolean recoveryInsert)
en OpenNETCF.ORM.DataStore
1.Insert(Object item, Boolean insertReferences)
en OpenNETCF.ORM.DataStore`1.Insert(Object item)

Don't know how to continue. For now I've rolled back to the previous version (also compiled with System.Data.SQLite