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Getting Started

Getting started with the OpenNETCF.ORM library is pretty simple. Your basic steps will be:
  • Create some classes that define your entities (see "Defining Discoverable Entities" below)
  • Create a Store using whatever implementation you like (again, see below)
  • Add the classes to the store, either namually or through auto-discovery (you guessed it, see bwlow)
  • Tell the Store to create the underlying storage medium - for example the SDF file.

You do not need to create the database file - in fact I'd discourage it, because then you have to ensure that your class definitions match what you did in your database. It far simpler to just let the ORM generate the file and schema for you.

Defining your Data

The OpenNETCF.ORM library eliminates the need to write all of the code to generate your backing store (database, tables, etc). Instead, it "intuits" entities and relations by discovering classes decorated with the EntityAttribute and then can auto-generate the store for you.

Data Access (CRUD)

OpenNETCF.ORM provides the normal CRUD facilities of any reasonable data store.

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